KryptoChat Encryption

KryptoChat is a secure messaging platform based on military-grade encryption. Below are some of the encryption protocols used in KryptoChat.

Secure Messaging with KryptoChat

Military Grade Encryption

KryptoChat uses a military-grade encryption of the level RSA 16384 bit for asymmetric encryption, AES 256-bit algorithm for symmetric encryption and SHA-512 for signature algorithm.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network. TLS is the protocol that's used to keep safeguard your privacy when you connect to your bank over the Internet (https:// is TLS in web browsing)

Off-The-Record Protocol

Off-the-Record Messaging, commonly referred to as OTR, is a cryptographic protocol that provides strong encryption for instant messaging conversations.

OTR uses a combination of the AES symmetric-key algorithm, the Diffie–Hellman key exchange, and the SHA hash function. In addition to authentication and encryption, OTR provides perfect forward secrecy and malleable encryption

Z Real-time Transport Protocol

We would use ZRTP for VOICE for encryption between two end points in a Voice Over Internet Protocol.

ZRTP is a cryptographic key agreement to negotiate the keys for encryption between two end points in a VoIP protocol telephony call based on the Real-time Transport Protocol. It uses Diffie–Hellman key exchange and the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for encryption. This protocol does not require prior shared secrets or rely on a Public key infrastructure (PKI) or on certification authorities, in fact ephemeral Diffie–Hellman keys are generated on each session establishment: this allows the complexity of creating and maintaining a trusted third-party to be bypassed.